Player Profile Signup

Welcome to the 2019 PA West State Cup college assistance program. In this program, we will assist you in building a player profile or resume that you can use. We will also help you get in touch with colleges you are interested in attending. 

This program includes: 
  • an Internet posted player profile for one year
  • our assistance in searching for colleges with soccer programs, and
  • the opportunity to contact up to ten colleges of your choice.

When you submit your list of ten colleges that interest you, the system will e-mail them and provide the coaches with a link to your player profile and your playing schedule at the upcoming 2019 PA West State Cup tournament.

College coaches place the highest scouting priority on those players who have contacted them in advance. Providing this service will help you be seen! And don’t worry: your information will be held strictly confidential and only verified college coaches will have access to your profile on-line in the 2019 PA West State Cup system.

One last note of caution, please. Only players on teams accepted into the next 2019 PA West State Cup will be granted access to this service.

Once you’ve entered your basic contact information, you will obtain a username and password which you will need to get back in to the system later. So if you are ready, please click the following link and let's get started.